UCSB-Chalmers University NSF-IRES Program
Cooperative for Advanced Materials in Energy-Related Applications (CAMERA)

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UCSB Graduate Student Application Process

Collaborative research topics may include, but are not limited to, battery materials; magnetocalorics, thermoelectrics, and dynamic polymers for energy capture; and materials for electrocatalysis and electrochemical energy storage. Research visits can take place throughout the year, but graduate students are encouraged to visit during the summer months to interface with undergraduates involved in the program.

New collaborations between UCSB and Chalmers are also encouraged.

Applications will be accepted at any time.

Funding will be provided for international travel, lodging, and per diem in Sweden only. Research visits are typically 8-10 weeks.

***Before applying, interested students should consult with their research advisors and then contact the IRES Coordinator, Prof. Mike Gordon, at gordon@ucsb.edu.

Application Package, to be submitted as a single pdf to gordon@ucsb.edu, must include the following:

(1)  One page research project proposal, clearly outlining the following:
      (a) Project Title, UCSB advisor and proposed Chalmers Faculty Host.
      (b) Project Abstract.
      (c) Nature of the collaborative work, i.e., research justification for why you want/need to visit Chalmers.
      (d) When and how long you propose to visit.

(2)  Your CV.

(3) Email confirmation from your PhD advisor AND your desired Chalmers Faculty Host that they support the proposed research visit.