UCSB-Chalmers University NSF-IRES Program
Cooperative for Advanced Materials in Energy-Related Applications (CAMERA)

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The goal of this NSF-IRES project CAMERA is to involve and train undergraduate and graduate student researchers in different scientific, academic, and international venues to develop a highly skilled, diverse and globally engaged workforce who can address energy challenges of today and the future.

IRES students travel to Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden) each year for 8-10 week long research experiences to work on collaborative projects in the area of materials chemistry for energy conversion and storage. This will be accomplished through synergistic and complementary coupling of resources and expertise in state-of-the-art synthesis, simulation, characterization, and testing at UCSB, Chalmers University of Technology, and multi-user X-ray and neutron facilities in Sweden.

Collaborative research topics include battery materials; magnetocalorics, thermoelectrics, and dynamic polymers for energy capture; and materials for electrocatalysis and electrochemical energy storage.

Application information for UCSB graduate students can be found here.

Undergraduates (any institution) please apply through the UCSB CISEI program here.

2019 IRES Students

Shona Becwar
ChE PhD student UCSB

UCSB Advisor:
Brad Chmelka
Chalmers Host: Anders Palmqvist

Fe,N-doped mesoporous carbon electrocatalysts for fuel cells
Patrick Corona
ChE PhD student UCSB

UCSB Advisor:
Matt Helgeson
Chalmers Host: Marianne Liebi

Structure-processing relationships of
cellulose derived materials under flow

Isaac Zakaria
ChE BS / Materials MS student UCSB

UCSB Advisor: Mike Gordon
Chalmers Host: Peter Enoksson

MnO2 and graphite paper-based electrodes for
flexible and scalable micro-supercapacitors